(This section will have spoilers)
Quests are missions your character can carry out. These missions can be viewed in your Journal. The Journal separates these into 3 sections.

  • Active - All missions you currently have active,
  • Completed - All missions you have ever completed for that character.
  • Maps (Info to be added)

Once chosen, a menu will show a list of Quest Names (with representing icon), Difficulties (Represented in a 5 star scale), Completion (Represented by a bar that fills with green the closer to completion)

Once you choose a Quest from this list you can view detailed information regarding the selected quest (Main Quest, Side Quest, etc.), such as rewards (Shown in EXP points) and objectives (checked with a green check mark once completed). 

Quest ListEdit

Questtype main

Main Quests Edit

  • Road to the CityYou must travel down the Pillar Mountains and get inside Evergrind City to enter the Exam!
  • Ghost Hunt: Some weird force is keeping you from passing through Pumpkin Woods! You must lift the curse somehow.
  • A Thieving Rival: Marino stole from you! You must get him back so you can hand him in for a reward!
  • The Ancient Temple: Deliver the Teleport Plate outside the old temple beyond Pumpkin Woods.
  • Cooking Witch Candy: Candy, the young witch in Pumpkin Woods, needs you to collect a few ingredients for a new potion.
  • Toying With Danger: Mrs. Claus sent you to fix some trouble in her Toy Factory, in the northern Seasonne!
  • A Frozen Fairytale: Go to Santa Fae, west of Seasonne, and help stop the Winter Elder from destroying the fairies!
  • Festival!: Return to Quinton, then grind out some goods, then enjoy some festival games.
  • A Matter of Time: It seems that the next artifact is in a place called Tai Ming, a village past Mt. Bloom.
  • A Tiny Little Errand: A Caveling called Lurifix in Mt. Bloom wants you to get him a couple of hidden away Caveling Relics!
  • Last Favour (Promise!): Lurifix says there's a locked door in the room to the old town. He'll give you the key for a favour...
  • King's Treasure: Tessen wants you to go through puzzle world in tai ming and find a treasure

Delivery Quests Edit

  • Chicken Chaser: Nysbruden needs your help to herd the chickens in Startington into their coop!
  • For Old Times: Mrs. Pidgy, the old lady feeding birds in Evergrind Park, wants a message delivered to Grandpa Joe.
  • Split the Bill: Santa wants you to go to the baker in Seasonne and get him a cookie! Sounds easy enough!
  • Faerly Brave: Winato wants you to find his friend Mesido, who's hiding somewhere in the Temple of Seasons!
  • Crystal Clear: Dr. Jones, the... guy in Mt Bloom, wants you to bring him someone who's good at cutting rock hard stuff!
  • Steve Gets Fired: Steve, one of the miners in Mt Bloom, is getting fired. Find Steve in or out Mt Bloom!

Collection Quests Edit

  • Cooking Witch Candy: Candy, the young witch in Pumpkin Woods, needs you to collect a few ingredients for a new potion!
  • Slime & Ring: Bella in Evergrind City lost a ring she got from her boyfriend. Find and Return it!
  • Chicken Savior: Chika is missing one of her chickens! Find it and bring it back to the farm.
  • The Goblin Grinch: Santa was ambushed by a strong Frostling, who stole his presents! Find the Frostling and get them back!
  • Birthday Dinner: Nicodemus' birthday is coming up and you need to find a couple of turkeys, or the dinner will be ruined!

Hunting Quests Edit