A pet is a companion you can bring with you, which follows you around. It does not join in combat, apart from giving you small stat boosts depending on its level. It costs no mana to keep around. Pets are not acquired through skills, but are caught with baits (or perhaps gained as rewards).

Catching a PetEdit

To catch a pet, you’ll first need to find something to lure it with. The bait for attracting Rabbys, for example, is a golden carrot ! When you use such an item close to an enemy that’s interested in it, that enemy will engage you and a minigame will ensue!


The minigame is DDR-inspired (how else would you impress someone?), where you must press the corresponding buttons at the right time! If you miss four times, you fail to catch the pet and it will attack you. You won’t lose your lure item, however, so you can try again if you want! By timing the button presses very well (Great or Perfect), the progress bar will gain a small boost and you’ll catch the pet quicker.

If you succeed in the minigame, you’ll catch the pet. If you don’t currently have a pet, it will join you right away. If you’ve already got another pet with you, you’ll get the option to bring the new pet, or keep your old one. The other will be sent to the farm!


The farm is where you keep all of your caught pets. The farm is the only place where you can interact with your pets through the action button (otherwise you’d keep talking to your pets all the time when fighting), and it’s also here where you can switch pets if you want to mix it up. You can interact with the pet following you through the menu at any time.

Pet MenuEdit

SoG pet converted (2)

The default pet menu consists of five options:

Feed is how you level up your pet, making it grant better stat boosts (more on this below).

Change Name is just what it sounds like.

Pet Style will change the appearance of your pet into a different variant! For example, Rabbys can have white fur as well.

Hide pet will hide your pet, but still give you the boosts your pet have. 

Swap pet is used to change from your main pet to any of your other caught ones.



A good way to spend a lot of the edible stuff you find during your adventure, is to feed it to your pets! Depending on what kind of food you give it, a progress bar corresponding to that attribute will increase. When a progress bar has been completely filled, your pet will level up, and from then on give you a slight bonus in the chosen attribute! Every level gained all progress bars will take more points to level.

The maximum level a pet is currently infinite! While the devs has once said that the max level of a pet will be 10 it now seems as they have changed their minds. Pets now go over level 10 and there is no reported cap so far. 

The maximum amounts of pets. In the current version of the beta (0.60i) there are 6 different pets. The Rabby, The Slime, The Jumpkin, The Gift Box, The Chicken (obtained through a quest, no tame needed) and Mrs. Bee (Who's item is obtained through an Arcade Mode trophy) The devs have stated that there will be more pets added and (at the moment) they plan on adding a total of 10 pets to the game.

Using items as pet food Edit

Item Type HP Exp EP Exp Damage Exp Crit Exp Speed Exp Price
Apple [ Apple ] Misc 1
Berries [ Berries ] Misc 3
Carrot [ Carrot ] Misc 1
Clam [ Clam ] Misc 15
Crabby [ Crabby ] Misc 15
Deadfish [ Dead Fish ] Misc 5
Eel [ Eel ] Misc 15
Fatfish [ Fatfish ] Misc 15
Fishie [ Fishie ] Misc 15
As pet food
+30 Damage Exp
Can be found
Fishing in Pumpkin Woods
GhostFishie [ Ghost Fishie ] Misc 5
GreenFishie [ Green Fishie ] Misc 15
Icefish [ Ice Fish ] Misc 20
Penguish [ Penguish ] Misc 25
Pumpkin meat [ Pumpkin Meat ] Misc 1
Pumpkin seed [ Pumpkin Seeds ] Misc 5
Seahorse [ Seahorse ] Misc 5
Snowfish [ Snow Fish ] Misc 15 |- VampireFish [ Vampire Fish ] Misc 20
Wimp [ Wimp ] Misc 5
Yetish [ Yetish ] Misc 30
ZombieFish [ Zombie Fish ] Misc 12