Ingredients are items that when combined with other certain items through crafting will build a higher quality item. These items will make up the components of the item you are building.

List of ingredients:

Name Picture Description
Apple A delicious, red apple.
Berries A handful of berries. Good for your health if mixed properly.
Bee Stinger A sharp stinger from Mr. Bee.
Boar Tusk A thick tusk from a boar.
Button A button knocked off a living scarecrow
Ectoplasm The sticky remains of a green slime.
Fabric A torn piece of fabric, ihas a scent of pumpkin
Hay A handful of dried grass. Some animals really like it.
Honey A jar of delicious honey
Lantern A mysterious lantern, its still glowing
Pollen Some pollen from a flower, Makes your nose itch.
Pumpkin Meat Some meat from a pumpkin. Its a great ingredient for a treat.
Purple Petal A huge purple petal, it smells a bit scary
Pumpkin Seeds Some seeds from a pumpkin. In the right hands, this can become a pumpkin plant.
Rabbit Fur A soft piece of fur from a rabby.
Small Stick A little stick from the brush