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Evergrind City Edit

Evergrind City is the grand capital and center piece of the New World! Shop owners and merchants have made this city a major trading hub. It is well known for its yearly exam trials and is home to the famous Collectors Headquarters.

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Evergrind City Map-50Circle1Circle2Circle3Circle4Circle5Circle6Circle7Circle8Circle9Circle10Circle11Circle12Circle13Circle14
1: Exit to Evergrind Fields: West 2: Exit to Evergrind Fields: East 3: Exit to Evergrind Fields: South
4: Arena 5: Entrance to Collectors Headquarters
6: Blacksmith 7: Fabulous Hats 8: Alchemist 9: Shady Merchant
10: Haddock 11: Simon 12: Francisco
13: Bella 14: Mrs. Pidgy


The following quests are started in Evergrind City:

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