Secrets of Grindea - Combat Walkthrough

Secrets of Grindea - Combat Walkthrough



The current combat system is based around 3 main aspects:

  • Basic Attack (Spammable, Skill Cancelable, Shield Cancelable, 0 Mana Cost)
  • Special Attack (Skill or Spell)
  • Shield
    • The shield has a durability meter which recovers after not being hit for 2.5 seconds.
    • If the meter reaches 0 then the shield will temporarily break and will be unavailable for a certain amount of time.
    • Some enemy's have abilities capable of destroying a shield in 1 hit.
    • Have the ability to perfect guard an attack nullifying damage (Must be within 0.3 seconds of attack) and stunning the enemy.
    • Successfully having perfect guard gives your character in a Boost State for 0.5 seconds. The boosted state lets you immediately cancel the block stance into a basic attack or skill. Basic attacks will be 100% critical and attack speed to 150% for that single blow. Skills are auto charged to Silver Charge (Assuming you have enough EP and skill points spent on the skill).


(For more info visit the Weapons section)

There are currently one-handed and two-handed weapons, both of which have wand versions with a medium-range projectile. With one-handed weapons being faster and two-handed weapons having greater range and damage.


(For more info visit the Skills section)

Whenever your character levels up you will receive 1 point. You can place this point in one of the three categories.

  • Combat (One-Handed, Two-Handed)
    • Weapon skills charge faster!
  • Magic (Fire, Ice, Earth, Air)
    • (For more info visit the Spell section)
  • Support (Defensive, Offensive, Passive)

Mana SystemEdit

You start with a base number of 100 EP (Energy Points) that will stay the same unless you wear gears or use "the" talent increasing the maximum EP. Some summons will spend your EP and lock it making it so that you can't use it unless you cancel your summon.