Spinsect card

Cards are extremely rare items which can be dropped by enemies. Currently a card drops from every Common Enemy and each one provides a slight permanent buff. Cards can be looked at from your Journal.


The Sprite of a Card that dropped from an enemy.

Elite enemies have a 10x drop rate for cards.

Monster Image Description Drop Chance
Green Slime
Green slime card

Green Slime Card

Items and coins gravitate towards you at greater speed and range, making them easier to collect!


Rabby card

Rabby Card

Increases your attack speed and casting speed by 3. 0.3%
Mrs. Bee
Mrs bee card

Mrs. Bee Card

Increases the max durability of shields by 25. 1%
Bloomo card

Bloomo Card

Increases Max HP by 50. 0.125%
Boar card

Boar Card

Increases your movement speed when charging a skill by 15%. 0.2%
Jumpkin card

Jumpkin Card

Increases ATK by 15. 0.5%
Lantern Jack
Lantern jack card

Lantern Jack Card

Increases MATK by 15. 0.2%
Scarecrow card

Scarecrow Card

Increases DEF by 4. 0.15%
Halloweed card

Halloweed Card

Increases HP regained from Health Orbs by 15%. 0.1%
Ghosty card

Ghosty Card

Increases your Crit Chance by 3. 0.3%
Wisp card

Wisp Card

When blocked by your shield, projectiles deal 20% less damage. 0.15%
Pecko card

Pecko Card

Increases Max HP by 100. 0.1%
Guardian card

Guardian Card

Raises ATK, MATK,and DEF by 5. 0.15%
Brawler Bot
Brawler bot card

Brawler Bot Card

Raises Attack Speed by 4. 0.4%
Blue Slime
Blue Slime card

Blue Slime Card

Makes all chill and freeze effects you cause last 15% longer. 0.3%
Frostling Rogue
Frostling Rogue card

Frostling Rogue Card

Hitting enemies will occasionally make them drop money. 0.3%
Frostling Scoundrel
Frostling Scoundrel card

Frostling Scoundrel Card

Projectiles deal 5% less damage to you. 0.3%
Yeti card

Yeti Card

Basic attacks have 5% chance to chill enemies, slowing them down. 0.3%
Gift card

Gift Card

Gives you a 5% discount in stores. 0.3%
Present card

Present Card

All enemies now have a chance of dropping something special! 0.3%
Mage of Seasons

Mage of Seasons Card

Increases MATK by 5, Max EP by 5, and Cast Speed by 5. 0.3%
Knight of Seasons
Season knight

Knight of Seasons Card

Increases ATK by 5, DEF by 4, and Attack Speed by 5. 0.3%
Phaseman card

Phaseman Card

[Not Implemented]
Gigaslime card

Gigaslime Card

[Not Implemented]
Spinsect card

Spinsect Card

Increases Defense by 5.

Shroomie Card

If suffering from the Blind debuff, Crit is increased by 25. 0.3%

Larvacid Card

When below 20% HP, ASPD and CSPD are increased by 10. 0.3%
Toxic Tulip
Toxic Tulip

Toxic Tulip Card

Debuffs inflicted on you have 15% shorter duration. 0.3%
Thorn Worm
Thorn worm card

Thorn Worm Card

Enemies hitting you with melee attacks have a chance to a chance of taking damage. 0.3%
Ancient Statue
Ancient statue card

Ancient Statue Card

Increases Defense by 6. 0.2%
Plantae Hostilis
Plantae hostilis card

Plantae Hostilis Card

Increases max EP by 5. 0.3%
Echo of Madness
Echo of madness card

Echo of Madness Card

Increases damage against foes with high defense. 0.3%
Monkey card

Monkey Card

Increases the drop rate of edible drops (honey, bananas, etc.). 0.1%