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Marioalexsan Marioalexsan 28 April 2020

Useful tools for saving your braincells from selfdestructing while editing this wiki

FS Viewer is useful for bulk resizing and converting images. It's especially useful for when you want to scale up all of the sprites in the game without spending too much time.

String Sorter sorts a list of strings, each of which is entered in a new line. Great for when you need to mess around with Marioalexsan's horrible templates utilizing IDs...

Text Replacer replaces strings inside a text with other strings. Again, superb for reducing work when making a copy of something and then modifying it to a certain pattern.

xnbcli is how I (and, I assume, the ancient editors of this wiki) extracted the game's sprites. These are equivalent to the 1x graphics size inside the game.

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Rtonyan Rtonyan 31 March 2020

General Questions about wiki-wide formatting

Hello, I've been working to edit this wiki in my spare time recently, and I can't help but notice some of the strange stuff.

1) There is a stats page with almost no info in it, and a HP page with a decent amount of info in it. Should each stat have its own page and just have stats as a category, or should there be one large stats page?

2) Items. Most items in this game don't seem worthwhile to have as an entire page, as all their info could be listed in a table. Perhaps each item type (i.e. 1H weapons) could be a single page with a 'large' table of items. If that is done perhaps each item page could redirect to the items slot in the table?

3) Multiple item boxes for the same thing? Which ones to use / repair?

I just do not want to spend a ton …

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Panicdrifter Panicdrifter 6 May 2019

Admin Update!


I've adopted this wiki as it's been nearly 2 years since the last admin has edited anything on the wiki! I've got a (though admittedly rough) blog of stuff that needs to be done to fix up the place.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Panicdrifter Panicdrifter 3 May 2019

To-Do to get this place in working order

  1. We desperately need to redo several of the categories as some seem to be too specific and have literally nothing in them
  2. Finish stubs. There's so. many. stubs.
  3. Correct old info from outdated betas
  4. finish adding images for items without images
  5. And NPCs without pages too
  6. Add basically ALL content from Dragonbone Dunes
  7. Several infoboxes have broken and need to either be redone or fixed
    1. potential deletion of the custom infoboxes, such as the ones on items, due to heavy glitching out
  8. crafting page needs attention
  9. Quests list needs MAJOR TLC
  10. speaking of, we're missing many pages for quests
  11. delete unneccesary pages
  12. finish adding categories to pages without categories
  13. update all profiles to the new, cleaner, organized one
  14. SEVERAL grammatical errors across the w…
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Xenon123 Xenon123 3 May 2019


HEy how yall doin this wikia is in shambles we gotta bring this thing together

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Wolfbound64 Wolfbound64 5 July 2016

Mt. Bloom area

It seems pretty cool. I like the enemy designs and the enviornment. After playing up to the next temple; by the way the puzzle is cool but annoying; i fee like this might be one of my favorite areas. The enemy stratgies and area designs are really clever.

Good on you Devs!

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KalmTraveler KalmTraveler 27 April 2014

Secrets of Grindea Wiki

Hey Fellows, this is my Day 1 Here.

Trying to get as much graphics up here. If someone needs more informations on some items just write on my wall :D

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